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  • ...can see how the actor appears on screen. Auditions are advertised in major media outlets (such as newspaper or radio), industry magazines and newsletters (e ...del to demonstrate different poses, which a photographer may record with a digital camera.
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  • *1975: "Media Burn" [[Ant Farm]] (Car crashes through wall of TVs) ...quality has not greatly improved since 1978 despite all the [[Digital data|digital]], [[wireless]], [[fiber optic]] and computer advancements that have made i
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  • ...s designed to help redistribute the savings realized by studios when using digital distribution instead of film print distribution.<ref>http://mkpe.com/digita ...ue. It wasn’t until the rollout of digital 3-D years later in 2005 that digital projection demonstrated that it could be used to generate additional revenu
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  • [[File:Arri Alexa camera.jpg|thumb|[[Arri Alexa]], a digital movie camera.]] ...nated the motion picture industry from its inception until the 2010s, when digital cinematography became dominant. Film cinematography is still used by some d
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  • ...a City International]]<br />[[Picturehouse Cinemas]]<br />[[Digital Cinema Media]] (50%) ...e of Remaining Stake in Cineworld|url=http://www.cineworldplc.com/download/media/Placing_of_Blackstone_Shares.pdf|work=Press release|publisher=The Blackston
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  • ...cell (Focal Press) 2007 (p. 148)</ref> They work with the [[Boom operator (media)|boom operator]], Director, DA, DP, and First AD. ...]], [[VHS]], [[Blu-ray Disc|Blu-ray]]) or direct download from a [[digital media]] provider. The film is duplicated as required (either onto [[film]] or [[h
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